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Earn extra cash from the comfort of your own home using your mobile phones or laptops viewing advertisements, completing offers, taking surveys, referring others and much more!

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Minimum $1 Payment Via Webmoney Perfect Money Bitcoin Advcash Payeer Airtm

Get Paid Typing Captchas!
Minimum $1 Payment Via Webmoney Perfect Money Bitcoin Advcash Payeer Airtm

Get Paid Typing Captchas!
Minimum $1 Payment Via Webmoney Perfect Money Bitcoin Advcash Payeer Airtm

Get Paid Typing Captchas!
Minimum $1 Payment Via Webmoney Perfect Money Bitcoin Advcash Payeer Airtm

Get Paid Typing Captchas!
Minimum $1 Payment Via Webmoney Perfect Money Bitcoin Advcash Payeer Airtm


$0.50 minimum instant payouts via Bitcoins and AirTm!

Paypal cashout fees*** Jun 25, 2019

You might be wondering why cashout funds you have received via PayPal is smaller in amount than what you have requested.
This is because Paypal charges a fixed fee of $0.30 + 2.9% of the original amount you should be actually receiving. For instance, you will cashout a $1.00 earning in your account, PayPal will deduct their $0.3+(0.029 x 1.00) from you, plus our 1% or 2% epic-bux fees, so in total, we will send you $1.00 via PayPal but you will only receive $0.661 or $0.66.

But do not worry, Paypal payment option will be replaced by a payment processors that will lower fees from your earnings soon.
happy earnings!

PayPal payment option is back temporarily! Jun 25, 2019

We have omitted other payment options for now due to internal server error on their sides. Thus, cancelling your cashout request and returning your balance to your account so you can use paypal.
We will be bringing them back once skrill is good to go again and removing paypal because we can't deal with high fees as we are not a mass payment(zero fees) enabled site.

PayPal replied to PayPal payment issue #1 Jul 07, 2018

A. PayPal confirms that we can not send personal payments to Brazil as the country is set to payment for goods and services only. Hence, we have 1 pending payment(Not paid yet) to member from Brazil unless we come up with alternative agreement with him. Below are a few alternate method for him to choose to be able to receive payment:

1. Log in to PayPal and try requesting money with the same amount of your cashout(e.g. $0.50) to our email

2. If method #1 won't work, try creating a paypal donation button or merchant button on your paypal account( so we can pay you. All you have to do is submit the button code generated, to us by email or you may embed the code to your blog or website if you are a blogger or web developer and just send/show us the link to your paypal checkout button(send the link to our email or post it in forum). Don't forget to add merchant/seller fees of (2.9%+$0.30, see to your original cashout amount of $0.50 for instance, so you will be able to receive $0.50 in full. (See paypal guide for payment checkout buttons and fees at

3. If the above two method still won't work, then you have to use other payment options like bitcoins cashout or other electronic wallet.

B. PayPal also reject our application for a PayPal mass payment for the reason that it is not available in our country! Thus, we will be removing PayPal withdrawal option soon resulting in members to have bitcoin wallet address for receiving payments. However, you can still make a membership or advertising package purchase using PayPal.

C. So far, we can still pay via paypal using personal payments - send money to friends and family, but with a 1 usd = 1 usd exchange rate meaning we will pay 100% fees for the amount we sent(we pay $1 for member that cashout $0.50, $2 for cashout of $1 and so on...). For members that has been paid by PayPal, you may check your summary of transactions and will find 100% fees charged on us.

So please request a PayPal payment if you reach $0.50 in your account balance to minimize fees and be considerate. Don't wait for your earnings to reach $1 or else use bitcoin cashout.

D. Thus, if we are unable to pay members via PayPal, please use bitcoin cashout request or other alternatives.

E. If members won't cooperate in payment option alternatives, then we are unable to pay you. Also, if you have purchased membership or advertising packs, but you want only a paypal cashout and which isn't possible, and you don't want any other withdrawal option other than PayPal, then we will be forced to issue a refund and reset your earning balance.

Referral Contest Prize as of July 30, 2018 Jul 07, 2018


1. Epic3 membership upgrade! ($16.2 minimum earnings with at least 16 ad clicks daily and without referrals + free advertising credits and additional cash bonus!)

2. Epic2 membership upgrade! ($1.35 minimum earnings with at least 16 ad clicks daily and without referrals + free advertising credits and additional cash bonus!)

3. Epic1 membership upgrade!($1.35 minimum earnings with at least 16 ad clicks daily and without referrals + free advertising credits!)


Epic1 Must refer at least 20 active members to win! If you won't reach 20 active referrals your prize will be 1000 points!

Epic2 Must refer at least 40 active members to win! If you won't reach 40, only 20 referrals, your prize will be Epic1!

Epic3 Must refer at least 100 active members to win! If you won't reach 100, only 40 referrals, your prize will be Epic2!


√Referrals must be an active user(must click ads daily).

√Refs must be different entity with different ip address from his/her upline/sponsor.

√Do not use vpn or proxy or any fake profiles just to recruit yourself as your referral to be able to win in contest for we can monitor each registration if you have used same locations and ip address and same paypal emails(We have detected members with multiple accounts in our site, thus, you won't win if you recruit yourself as your referral!). In short, do not cheat on recruiting referrals or else you'll get banned instead of winning the contest.

*Recent awarded members with upgrade:

1. Dogfhis - Epic3(1 year membership) won in purchase contest.

2. Planeta01 - Epic1(1 month membership) won in ptp contest.

PayPal payment issues #1 Jul 06, 2018

Dear Members,

We are again having issues with paypal payment processing today to one of our members. We will also observe if other members will be able to receive paypal payments today. However, if problem persist, you can request a bitcoin cashout option, or message admin what electronic wallet you have for payment processing like skrill, neteller etc.

For Philippine members, you may use GCash just enter mobile phone number gcash registered.


Bitcoins as payment option Jun 20, 2018

We have recently added bitcoins as a payment processor. Hence, you can now withdraw your earnings using your bitcoin wallet address. If you don't have a btc wallet, you can register to any of the following to receive funds:
3. Coins.PH(Philippines)

Important Notice to All Members Jun 13, 2018

1. Investing

Purchase or investing is not required to be able to earn from our site. You are free to click ads and do microtasks then request a payout once you reached the minimum threshold of $0.50 via PayPal or Bitcoins.

However, if you want higher earnings and quick cashouts, you may upgrade by purchasing membership products(optional). "Invest only what you can afford to lose".

Still, they are many ways to boost your income daily without investing(ex. refer friends and family to earn in referral commissions and be an active member to win cash in monthly top clickers and ticket drawings).

2. PayPal Issues

We are able to send PayPal payments but fees charged on us is 100% of the amount we sent(we pay $1 PayPal gets $2). For members who have been paid you can check that on your paypal summary report. This is because we are still pending in PayPal Mass Payment.

Thus, we strictly advise that you request a payment through PayPal once you reached $0.50. Or else, use your bitcoin wallet address if you want to cashout $0.50 and above($5, $10, $15...etc.) and we will send the equivalent amount in btc currency to your wallet address(make sure to submit accurate bitcoin wallet address, preferrably, bitpay, or coinsph->

3. Renting referrals

We cannot guarantee a daily clicks from referrals if they are unwilling to log on or just not in the mood to do clicks and earn in our ptc site some time. However, we can assure you that they are real members bought from other advertising sites. We have purchased each to register on our website with a task for 3 days click all ads to get $0.10 but most of them just signed up without clicking our ads, but still, we credited their accounts on other sites.

4. Contest

Previously, we also run a $1.00 contest and sent payments as a reward for being active and for signing up as new member to our new site.

Monthly prizes may vary depending on our site revenue. It may increase or decrease in cash value.

Referral contest only counts invites from other source, not from our site. Thus, renting of referrals is not included in the Top Referral Contest.

5. Is Epic-bux a Scam site?

No. This site have similar domain names in the past, which is accused of being a scam site on september 2017,, from a canadian origin but we are not those people because again, we are a new owner from a different country and we bought and registered on May 26, 2018.

Congratulations winners of $1.00 monthly ticket drawings! Jun 03, 2018

The following members are the winners for our $1.00 monthly ticket drawings:

1. stat911 - $1
2. elisabeth29 -$1
3. alfredorp - $1
4. hires- $1
5. jokosusilo - 1$